Diploma in Business Computer Applications.

The Diploma in Business Computer Applications (DBCA) is a new programm proposed by the ICT Center-Kuliyapitiya for the undergraduates of the Faculty of Business Studies & Finance (BSF). The ICT Center- Kuliyapitiya will conduct this Diploma programme in parallel to the academic programme of the Faculty of BSF. Total number of credits of the programme is 30, and the duration of the programme is two years. The proposed programme closely follows the recommendations of the guidelines of Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework. This programme will help students to gain IT skills to complete their degree programme successfully, and perform IT-related duties efficiently and e↵ectively in their future workplace. This programme consists not only subject modules to develop students’ general knowledge of IT, but also it contains modules that relate to the managerial professionals. Therefore the impact of the programme for undergraduate of the Faculty of BSF is very high. Students can earn this Diploma Certificate in parallel to their degree programmes. As far as we know, there are no such programmes for management graduates in management faculties in other leading universities. Those who complete this course successfully will have a valuable Diploma in Business Computer Applications in addition to their degree, which allows them to lead in the highly competitive job market.